The first high-tech, High Quality pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bangladesh

Producing American (US/FDA) Standard bio-pharmaceutical products

The Need

Drug-resistant infectious disease in the third world, exacerbated by inconsistent and often poor quality medicines, is an urgently growing health issue.

The Goals

MOMONZ LLC, a Massachusetts (USA) based startup company, has chosen Bangladesh for its state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production center, which will produce affordable high quality bio-pharmaceuticals in line with the United States Food and Drug Administration (US/FDA) standards. Products will include Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Formulations, all in one place, for domestic consumption and for export.

The Market

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh provides global potential for lowest cost manufacturing and sustainable profitability for the foreseeable future.

"Within just a few years, we might be faced with dire setbacks, medically, socially, and economically, unless real and unprecedented global coordinated actions are immediately taken."

Journal: The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Volume 13, Issue 12, Pages 1057 - 1098, December 2013

Why Produce in Bangladesh?

Low Cost, Location, Business Friendly

Bangladesh provides a manufacture-friendly climate including
substantially lower labor cost than western countries and most eastern countries,
low-cost utilities, waste treatment and raw materials,
government incentives for bio-pharmaceuticals including
tax holidays for several years,
strategic Free Trade Zone location,
regional connectivity and worldwide access.
Bangladesh enjoys a patent waiver provided by the World Trade Organization.

Global Market Opportunity

It's not just about Bangladesh.

The global market for anti-infective Antibiotics is $55 billion
According to IMS the global pharmaceutical industry was projected to reach to $1.1 trillion by 2014.


Growth Plan

MOMONZ LLC is “an Advanced Bio-Pharmaceutical Company” committed to Manufacture High Quality Essential Drugs using Microbial Fermentation & Enzymatic Processes. Our goal is to be a Recombinant Microbial Fermentation & Enzyme-based modern bio-pharma company with a diversified products portfolio beyond antibiotics and API manufacturing. Therefore, with time as we grow financially our business strategy is to bring blockbuster drugs to treat serious diseases. We will select and integrate manufacturing capability for the newest FDA approved bio-therapeutics from the United States. Starting with antibiotic manufacturing, the MOMONZ business strategy is to proceed in three steps:
1) Manufacture the highest quality yet lowest cost Intermediates and API’s to supply both local formulators/importers and exporters,
2) expand into additional API’s and
3) finally manufacture the highest quality finished dosage formulations via its own API’s.

Mohammed Moniruzzaman

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Moniruzzaman, former Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Myriant Corporation, USA, is an experienced and accomplished scientist and technology developer and deployer, most recently in the commercialization of succinic acid and D-Lactic acid fermentations (Myriant) and the scale up of consolidated bioprocessing fermentation (Mascoma). He has performed enzyme technology development and applications for Danisco-Dupont and specialty chemical technology development for Codexis. Dr. Moniruzzaman began his career as Microbiologist with Pfizer then Rhone-Poulenc, both are Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies. Dr. Moniruzzaman is a citizen of the United States of America and a Native Bangladeshi. He brings 20 years of experience set in fermentation technology and enzyme applications and in-depth knowledge of Bangladesh, its culture, business climate and manufacturing resources and capabilities.


Products and Market

Essential Antibiotics (Combating antibiotic resistance) - Cephalosporin and Clavulanic acid

The first phase priority products are Cephalosporins (Cefixime, Cefuroxime and Ceftriaxone) and Clavulanic acid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The Cephalosporins are a class of β-lactam antibiotics indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of infections caused by bacteria susceptible to this particular form of antibiotic. .

First generation Cephalosporins are active predominantly against gram-positive bacteria, and successive generations have increased activity against gram-negative bacteria.